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Thirrje për pjesëmarrës për trajnimin: Youth Empowerment

Kërkohen pjesëmarrës për trajnim me temë: Youth Empowerment

Datat e trajnimit:  25 – 28 qershor

Vendi: Hotel Puka, Pukë

Kërkohen 4 pjesëmarrës të moshës 19 – 25 vjec nga qyteti i Tiranës për trajnimin me temë: Youth Empowerment.

Trajnerët janë sllovenë dhe të gjitha shpenzimet mbulohen nga projekti. Ky trajnim do të jetë në gjuhën angleze dhe për këtë arsye dhe pjesëmarrësit duhet të dinë të flasin dhe kuptojnë anglisht. Më poshtë janë pjesët kryesore të tranimit.

Theoretical part of the training:

Roadmap of concepts that will be dealt with:

New values:

Peace and co-operation,

Sustainable development,

A democracy of human rights,

The inclusion of civil society.

Mainstream political priorities:

Gender equality,

Respect for economic, social, and personal human rights,

A new political culture based on the participation of citizens, compromise, tolerance, and consensus building

Practical part with theory

Block 1 – Introductory Block

Exercise no 1: seminar turned into disaster

Exercise no 2: Participants getting to know each other

Plenary discussion: Personal experience in local/national politics

Block 2: definitions of gender equality – politicians in practice and as an ideal vision

Exercise no 3: Expectations

Exercise no 4: My five best personal qualities

Exercise no 5: Definitions of gender equality

Exercise no 6: Existing and most desired profiles of male/female politicians

Plenary discussion – a comparison

Block 3: Politics – the woman’s way


Exercise no 6: Public debate on the pros and cons as regards gender equality in politics

Exercise no 7: Divide the participants into two groups.

Give to both groups a transparency: HOW TO ARGUE

Block 4: Domination techniques

Exercise No 8: Discussion in the party leadership on women as mayor and women to go at the top of the party list

Block 5: Language is power

Exercise No  9: Public speaking

Exercise No 10: Loser/winner – attitude and language

Block 6: Networking – Campaigning