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12 sekrete tepër të thjeshta për një marrëdhënie të lumtur!

Be yourself. Be honest. We all want to be better than we really are. We conceal our mistakes and those stories we’d like to forget. But there’s no need to try to be perfect. Just be yourself. Many of us hide behind masks, afraid to show people who we really are. But firstly, this is wearisome. Secondly, it won’t lead to an honest and uncomplicated relationship. It’s very important to be sincere. …

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15 extremely dangerous roads

Zoji La, India dnpmag.com Ladakh and Kashmir are connected by this 9-km-long road. On top of everything, this road is extremely narrow, although it has to fit in both drivers and livestock. Transfăgărășan, Romania untravelledpaths.com This road is located in the Carpathian Mountains and pierces the Făgăraș massif. It reaches a 2034-meter height and is the tallest road in Romania. Transfăgărășan is known for …

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11 gjërat më të bezdisshme në botë

It’s in our nature to interact with others. It’s inevitable, therefore, that sometimes we won’t be able to avoid upsetting or annoying other people, and vice versa. Here are just a few of the annoying situations that nearly all of us have found ourselves in. We recommend that you try to avoid making these mistakes yourself — unless, of course, that’s actually your goal! …

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